May 16, 2012

Chanda from Marketplace wins the Sodexo Experience Award

We are excited to announce Chanda as our Sodexo Experience winner this month! The Sodexo Experience is a program that has recently been implemented to promote and recognize top-notch customer service. Chanda is a cashier in Marketplace and was nominated by Laura Karker and the rest of the Sodexo Management Team.

Chanda, has been a frontline employee for a little over seven years. She does an outstanding job as a cashier in our retail areas and knows our guests by name. She always knows all our weekly specials and always communicates these to customers and clients. When our guests have a question and she doesn’t know the answer, she makes sure to find out the answer for them or get back to them.

Her commitment not only to the eight simple rules, but to the Sodexo team, shows through in her interactions with management, colleagues and guests. Chanda makes sure to make all of our guest feel welcomed every time they visit our dining locations.

Manager comments supporting Chanda:
From Kathy Rogers, Marketing Manager - Chanda is truly a shining star down in Marketplace. She is constantly greeting our guests and fellow employees by name with a warm smile and a friendly hello. I personally have received so many wonderful comments from both clients and customers about how helpful, friendly and delightful Chanda is.

From Laura Karker, Retail Manager - I am always getting compliments from guests on what a great job she does and that she is a great addition to our team in the Davies Center. Also, Chanda has been recognized by our student Dining Committee for her outstanding customer service.

May 7, 2012

Tami K. wins the Sodexo Experience award

We are excited to announce Tami K. as our Sodexo Experience winner this month! The Sodexo Experience is a program that has recently been implemented to promote and recognize top-notch customer service. Tami is a cook in The Terrace kitchen and was nominated by the Supervisor and Management Team.

It is often a challenge for our guests to see the contributions shown by those in the “back of the house.” Often, most of the praise goes to our frontline employees. However, her commitment to doing the job well is reflected on the quality of the food we serve to our guests in the Terrace on a daily basis.

Tami is extremely hard working and dependable. Every day when she punches in she accomplishes as much as she can. Her intrinsic work ethic is far above what is asked of her. Her work is consistent and she maintains a steady pace. She also tries to keep her work area neat, and she always leaves it cleaner then how she found it.

It's hard to tell when she is having a bad day, because Tami doesn't spend much time complaining. She is committed to her job, and takes initiative to make sure that everything gets prepared on time. When called upon to go above and beyond she just nods her head and makes it happen. She is always willing to stay late, and has even brought in a lamb to show the daycare we cook for on her day off.

All of the managers and supervisors that work with the Terrace kitchen staff agree that Tami is a wonderful asset to the team. They also state that she’s never hesitant to help out where she is needed—even if it’s not one of her specific responsibilities.

It is obvious that Tami takes ownership and initiative of her job tasks, as well as provides a solid example for her coworkers. She’s a team player and we are happy to have her as part of our Sodexo team. Her contributions are immeasurable and we are pleased to recognize her as our campus winner.

Tami K. with her Manager, Mark Stanton and Supervisor, Hans Hinke.