July 7, 2008

New Dining Areas for Fall Semester

Blugold Dining is introducing three new dining options to open this Fall.

SubConnection – Blimpie in the Hilltop Center Food Court and Marketplace will be converted to SubConnection and offer full line of classic, hot and toasted subs, wraps and salads.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - Jazzman’s Café in Davies Center will be replaced by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Green Mountain will offer all the traditional espresso beverages as well a much larger selection of Organic and Fair Trade Certified coffees all served in eco-friendly cups. A new selection of house made bakery treats will also be available.

Library Coffee Cart – A new coffee cart will be added in the McIntyre Library this fall serving espresso beverages, sandwiches, salads, bakery treats and other on-the-go items. The Coffee Cart will be conveniently located in the main hallway to allow students going to class or studying in the library quick access


Zacarías said...

hi Christian,

Can we be certain that we distinguish the coffee that our campus supports as "Fair Trade" and not "free trade?" This will take a bit of marketing and training for the workers representing sodexo, but will in turn help sales and contribue to more educated consumption on our campus.

thanks so much!

Christian Wise, GM Blugold Dining said...

Hey zacarias,
You can be certain that we will distinguish between Free and Fair. Our coffee that is fair trade will be labeled as such and our employees will be aware of what fair trade means. I hope you are correct about helping sales.

Christian Wise, GM Blugold DIning said...

I now understand your remark better, I looked at the posting and discovered the typo, it was a mistake that we will correct. Hopefully, fair trade will become so common that it is freely traded everywhere. Thanks again for pointing out our error in a round about way.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Library Coffee Cart! It is a great idea and I think it will be used frequently. I only wish that the hours will be longer; like an all day thing. I think it will get more service that way.
GREAT idea!:)