August 28, 2008

New Dining Areas for Fall 2008

Blugold Dining is happy to announce five new dining areas on campus. Sub Connection replaced Blimpie in the Hilltop Center Food Court. Sub Connection serves a variety of hot and cold subs and wraps, along with two daily soups. We will also open a new self-serve salad bar at the Hilltop Center Food Court in the next few weeks. The salad bar will feature a wide selection of fresh vegetables, dressings and other toppings.

In Davies Center, Intermezzos Café is now open and has replaced Jazzman’s Café. Intermezzos features many Fair Trade certified coffees, all served in eco-friendly compostable cups. For your sweet tooth we also feature a large selection of house made muffins, bagels, cookies, cheesecakes and more! Also in Davies Center, a second Sub Connection opened with the same great menu as the Hilltop location. Next door to Davies Center in the McIntyre Library, we are opening Library Grounds in the first floor hallway. Library Grounds features espresso, mochas, lattes and other popular coffee drinks, along with a wide selection of grab and go sandwiches, salads and snacks.


Anonymous said...

I went to eat at Sub Connection with a friend and one of the ladies working there seemed pretty mad. I don't know why but she didn't seem like she wanted to help us or anyone else in line. And then she yelled at one of her coworkers. When it was our turn to order, she came off being rude and intimidating. I think it's great that the university is welcoming its students back. I also think its employees should smile more. It'll make the students feel like they're not "bothering" the workers. I went in again a couple days later and the same lady was there in the same mood. It doesn't seem like she wants to work there and I think if it makes her happy to not have to work, then she should find a job that makes her happy.

Christian Wise, GM - Blugold Dining Services said...

Thank you so much for your posting. I totally agree with your feeling that if your don't enjoy your job you should look for something that you do like. We will circulate your posting and try our best to encourage all of our employees to engage and treat everyone with respect.

Michelle M said...

It's happened again! You've gone and changed something that was perfectly good in the first place! The recipe for the scones has changed and not for the better...and I'm not the only who thinks so. The flavor and texture have changed and now they're more like muffins. I want the old recipe back because they were great, crispy, flavorful scones! Listen to the customers please! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Green mountain coffee is delicious!

Christian Wise, GM - Blugold DIning said...

TO Michelle M.
I am sorry you don't like the new recipe for the scones - we actually did listen to customers and that's why we changed the scone recipe - we didn't do it just because we felt like it. I will see what I can do about having both.
To the other person: Thanks for letting us know you like the Green Mountain.