October 9, 2008

Trayless Tuesday Savings

Blugold Dining is excited to share with you the most recent results of our ongoing Trayless Tuesdays program. On Tuesday, September 16th we disposed of 245 pounds of solid food and 14 gallons of liquid. Compared to the next day, Wednesday, September 17th, students disposed of 425 pounds of solid food and 21 gallons of liquid, resulting in a savings of 180 pounds of solid food and 7 gallons of liquids not wasted.

On the following Tuesday, September 23rd, 295 pounds of solid food and 14 gallons of liquid were disposed of. On Wednesday, September 24th , 370 pounds of solid food and 20 gallons of liquid thrown, a savings of 75 pounds of food waste and 6 gallons of liquids between the two days! We would like to thank students, faculty and staff for their cooperation, together we can make a difference!


Anonymous said...

Great job saving food! Unfortunately there is a still a large amount of food that is being wasted. I understand enough food has to be prepared to feed all potential customers, but what is Dining Services doing to move toward eliminating all wasted food?

Anonymous said...

I would agree that saving food is important. We as Americans are wasteful and indulgent, and many people take more than they need.

I understand that some people don't like the food they take either. I'm not fond of salty food or cumin, so I only eat as much as I can tolerate.

christian wise, GM - Blugold Dining said...

Thanks for writing, I will try to respond to you both.

We actually are in the process of working with the Student Campus Kitchens Project to redirect some of the surplus food on campus to individuals in need of good wholesome food.

If you taste something you don't like, please contact a manager or supervisor to let them know about it.

I am glad you generally appreciate the trayless concept.