April 3, 2009

$2.99 Breakfast in The Terrace

From April 6th to 10th, The Terrace in Davies Center, will be offering breakfast for just $2.99! Our all-you-care-to-eat breakfast includes made-to-order omelets and breakfast scramblers, hot entrees and sides, cereal, fruit, yogurt, breakfast pastries and beverages. Breakfast hours are 7am – 9am.


Anonymous said...

I do believe that the majority of students are OPPOSED to taking trays out of the cafeteria. Can't they simply put up signs encouraging students to not use trays? That way like ADULTS we can choose for ourselves if we want a tray or not.

At the very least please encourage student senators who do not represent on-campus students to NOT vote on matters that don't impact them.

Christian Wise, GM - Blugold Dining said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for writing. I would respectfully differ with you regarding your opinion about what most students want.

The students I have had contact with have been very supportive of going trayless, especially when considering the impact going trayless has on our environment.

University Centers decided to go trayless in accord with the University's goals of lowering our carbon footprint and in the name of sustainability. Paying for convenience can be for a price that is both long term and short term, but its a hidden cost that most people don't realize - things cost more if you purchase purely with convenience in mind; however, sometimes, the actual cost can't be determined, e.g., cost of damage to the environment. Please consider that convenience is not the ultimate goal, but continued existence is, that's sustainability.

Thanks, Christian