December 21, 2012

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today!

Your dining experience is more than great food just like sustainability is more than simply saying we are going “green.”  At Blugold Dining by Sodexo, we understand the best way to have a better today and a better tomorrow is to be proactive for your health, for your community and for your planet.

Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow site will help you find information and learn more about making smart, healthy choices in all three of these areas. Explore it and check back often for updates because a better tomorrow starts today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Blugold Dining,
I just wanted to leave a comment about something that I would really appreciate you guys doing. I am dairy-free and gluten-free and while Hilltop generally does a good job of labeling items, I have not seen any labels in Davies so I don't know what I can and can not eat. I would really appreciate you adding this to the food signs, along with informing your workers about contents of different foods so they can inform your costumers.
This would benefit the both of us as I would be able to tell what I can and cannot eat and you would get more business from me.