February 12, 2014

Soup + Bread Night continues to raise money for Feed My People

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students hope to raise more than $2,000 to feed the less fortunate through a Soup and Bread Night initiative Wednesday, February 26. The dinner will take place from 4 p.m. to midnight at Riverview Café in Hilltop Center. The goal of the student-run effort is to serve 4,000 or more people while raising awareness of hunger in the Chippewa Valley.

Students have selected soups, breads and beverages to replace the usual evening and late-night menus.

The meal will be served by volunteers from a number of student organizations and members of the Blugold Dining Committee. All savings in labor and food costs will be donated to Feed My People, an Eau Claire food pantry that distributes donated food and other products to nonprofit agencies that serve senior citizens, single parents, the working poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and others in need throughout the Chippewa Valley.

All students, staff, faculty and the general public are invited to Soup and Bread Night. The cash price is $7.78 plus tax; those using their Blugold Account will receive 10 percent off the cash price. Meal plan participants will be charged the regular admission price.

A campus tradition since 1995, Soup and Bread Night has raised more than $17,000 for Feed My People.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the peanut sauce at the Mongolian Grill in Davies? It was my favorite. Was it taken away because of allergies?

Blugold Dining said...

The sauces at the Mongolian Grill are on a rotation so you won't always see the same ones available. However, if you do not see a sauce that you'd prefer, please ask our staff and they will be able to get some for you.

I do also want to mention that if someone has an allergy, we strongly encourage them to tell our staff as they can prepare their entree in a separate location to prevent any cross contamination.

Thanks and have a great day!

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