February 5, 2018

Who's Ready to go Clubbin'?

Tomorrow is the day! Blugold Diner’s Club BONUS DAY.

OK, you’ve heard about this “Bonus Day” for a while now, but what is it really all about? And what the heck is Diner’s Club?

Here’s a summary of what some are saying is the “best meal plan since the beginning of time:”
  • 10 percent discount at The Dulany Inn at Davies Center and Riverview Cafe at the Hilltop Center
  • Weekly coupons for purchases at all campus dining locations
  • Two bonus days per semester (Feb. 6, 2018 and March 13, 2018) to receive a 10 percent bonus on funds deposited, with a minimum deposit of $100
  • Valid for purchases at any campus dining locations
      Unused Blugold Diner’s Club dollars don't expire until your relationship with UWEC ends. Deposits  and transactions are managed by Blugold Card Services, located on the first floor of Davies Center, next to U.S. Bank. A Blugold Card is required for Blugold Diner’s Club membership.

Now, we’re not saying being a part of this “CLUB” is something you can put on your resume as an extra-curricular activity or involvement in campus club, but you can tell your interviewer how much you love Blugold Dining ;)

We’re kidding.

I think. Maybe.

So, now that you understand what this club is all about. What about the BIG DAY tomorrow?

Blugold Diner’s Club BONUS DAY.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Bonus funds are awarded on a Blugold Dining gift card. On bonus days, Blugold Dining will have a table set up from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. inside the Blugold Card Services office for Blugold Diner’s Club members to pick up their gift cards. If you can’t pick up your gift card on the bonus day, your gift card must be picked up at the Blugold Dining office on the second floor of Davies Center within seven days. To receive your gift card, please provide any of the following:

  •          A deposit receipt from Blugold Card Services
  •         A receipt from the value transfer station
  •         A printed copy of an emailed receipt for an online deposit, showing your name, the deposit amount and the date

What do you say? Are you looking to join a club? Well, this just might be the chance you’ve been waiting for!

See you tomorrow! :)

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