May 13, 2008

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Over the summer Jazzman’s Café will undergo a metamorphosis. It will make the transition to a new coffeehouse, one where the bakery changes from breakfast pastries to fine desserts through the day, all accompanied by delicious Green Mountain Coffee.

We are currently thinking of calling the new coffeehouse Intermezzo’s, but what do you think? Give us your suggestions on what the new coffeehouse should be named! For more information on Green Mountain Coffee, visit their website at


Anonymous said...

What is an INTERMEZZO'S? It sounds like a musical term.

Christian Wise said...

It is a musical term and the term is also used to mean "a small course between main courses," very much like the musical term. Bridging a segue.

Zacarías said...

might we be able to consider 'black gold café' to acknowledge the documentary featured in this year's progressive film festival, recognizing the fair trade movement that this kind of coffee shop can promote and supply to our campus? The foodlums would be a great group to help come up with a name for this this metamorphasis! hopefully they'll be involved in this blog as well, and will continue growing in attendance at our dining services meetings.

Davin said...

How about "The Even Bean," because Green Mountain offers so many great Fair Trade options.

Anonymous said...

I like Jazzmines.

On that note though, can we please get the great scooped ice cream in the summer?

It's so disappointing to not have when it's hot out.