September 8, 2008

Trayless Tuesdays

In an effort to protect our natural resources and support UW-Eau Claire’s Strategic Initiative of Sustainability, Blugold Dining is implementing Trayless Tuesdays this year at all our UW-Eau Claire dining locations. Trays account for a significant portion of our dishwashing – over 6,000 are cleaned each day on campus, resulting in over 396,000 gallons of water being used for this one purpose only. Going trayless lessens the environmental impact we generate here on campus. A significant amount of water and electricity is saved, food waste is diverted from landfills and above all, we make a small dent in reducing carbon emissions. So please join us every Tuesday in going treeless as we strive to become a more eco-friendly and sustainable campus.


Anonymous said...

because is saves so much food and water and money!!!

christian wise, gm - blugold dining said...

thank you so much for your remarks. We agree and hope to continue. It is the responsible thing to do.