November 25, 2008

To All Meal Plan Holders

Your meal plan coincides with when the University conducts classes. The University controls when you are able to use your meal plan. There are several weeks throughout the school year which are partial weeks.

You have only paid for a partial week, not a whole week. Thanksgiving week is an example of a partial week with no meals being served on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. All meal plans for the Thanksgiving break were pro-rated by 57%.

Any questions regarding your meal plan should be directed to the Blugold Card Office.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ummm...don't like this idea! Last year we got all of our meals, partial week or not! And we pay for them, so don't take them away! It was a inconvenience, especially without any notice until today!! Stop trying to squeeze money out of us!

CHristian WIse, GM Blugold Dining said...

Actaully, your statement is not true on both counts. Your meal plan was pro-rated for Thanksgiving last year and you did not pay for a full week this week.
Thank you for publsihing your misuderstanding so we can clear it up.