November 6, 2008

Food Committee

Food Committee Reminder
Do you have a food question, comment or concern you would like to address with us? Attend our weekly Dining Committee meetings and talk directly to Blugold Dining staff and university administrators. Meetings are held every week at 4pm in the Arrowhead room of Davies Center.


Anonymous said...

This campus is doing a lot to 'go green', as seen in many things including tray-less meals at the cafeteria. These tray-less meals are supposed to reduce waste, conserve energy, and conserve water. However now when i order something at Taco Bell my food is put into a bag, as it is for many other students each night. Not only does this make getting my food more time consuming, it also produces more waste which is counter productive to this 'going green' campus mission. I believe putting my taco bell order into a bag is unnecessary and extremely wasteful.

Christian Wise, GM-Blugold Dining said...

I totally agree with you. We at Dining Services would prefer not to bag and tag food at Taco Bell. It is a waste of both resources and manpower. However, Blugold Dining and Sodexo has a responsibility to do what we can to curb costs. The cost we are attempting and successfully minimizing is theft. If we did nothing, we would have to pass on the cost to the sutdents and we have chosen try and avoid that action. Thanks for your comment.