December 19, 2008

Dining Options for Holiday Break and Winterim

All Blugold Dining locations, with the exception of Blu Plate Diner in Marketplace, will be closed until the Winterm session begins on January 5th. Blu Plate Diner will be open 7:30am to 3pm for breakfast and lunch, Monday, Tuesday and Friday of Christmas week and New Year’s Week.
Blu Plate Diner, Sub Connection and a self-serve salad bar will be available starting Monday, January 5th.
For a complete listing of dining locations and hours, please visit our website.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where to go to make a complaint, but I think I'll use this blog for it until I know where the correct place is. Across from the lower campus cafeteria, there is that glass window with the office. The lady at the first desk there can be very mean even though she might not mean to come off that way.

My friend needed some money to pay off some of her tuition and she wanted to work in the cafeteria. So she went there and the cashier pointed her toward the room across the cafeteria where she met the lady. My friend said the lady was really mean and intimidating and yelled at her for coming to the wrong place.

Then another friend of mine wanted to turn her application in and she was told to go to that very room too where she was also yelled at.

A girl on my floor said that when she went to turn in her application, she turned it in to Tom who looked at it and then went with her and brought it over to the room with the glass window. So I'm assuming since Tom had brought the application over to the room, then that is the place where you turn it in, right?

I don't think it's right to yell at a student because they came to the "wrong" room. A few of students that I talked to said that after encountering this lady, they've decided to look for work elsewhere, which I think is unfortunate. The cafeteria is right next to the dorms, which makes it easier for students to get a job. Maybe you should find a different person to be at that front desk because from what I hear, students aren't getting treated very nicely.

Anonymous said...

You must be 'shrooming dude. I have worked at the cafeteria for over a year and she has been nothing but nice to me and everyone I have seen her interact with...and I visit her in the office at least once a week to pick up my paycheck. Either that or your friend caught her on a bad day. We all have them now and then, get over it and move on. If it bothered your friend so much that someone was not nice to her then she has never had a job working with the public, cuz to be honest dude, if she worked in the cafeteria she would have a lot more than just one person yelling at her for screwing up. My fellow students freakin' yell at me all the time and think they can just because I work in the cafeteria and they think they can treat people any way they damn well please. It sucks, yes, but that doesn't make it any less of a reality.

Anonymous said...

Then every day must be a bad day for her...unless her friends like you come visit her. It's too bad not everyone's a friend of hers, right?

Christian Wise, GM-Blugold Dining said...

To both Anonymous Posters:
Thank you both for writing. As the General Manager for Food Service, my job is to ensure that proper service is executed and the professionalism exists always. While I apprecaite the individual speaking for his friends, I would very much like to encourage him or her to pass one to his friends that they should come in and see me. I would very much like to speak with anyone who has had difficulty with any member of my staff. Trying to operate in the third or fourth person is difficult and I would very much like to speak with the affected persons directly.

Again, I am very concerned that anyone might have been treated badly and if I ever become directly aware of any event, I take action.

I have the office right behind the person you described and in the past year I have not had an opportunity to overhear anything like you described; however, if I do, I will not hesitate to address the situation.

Again, it would be helpful for me to be able to talk with the people directly involved.

Thanks for writing.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha wow, first of all this office lady your talking about is the sweetest lady in the world. I would like to know who your friends are that said she was so harsh and rude. I think its humorous how you have to post up her for your friend, is your friend illiterate and can not use a computer him/herself to bash some person on here. This is really just great how you have the time to sit here and whine about your friends issues.

Anonymous said...