December 5, 2008

The Dulany Holiday Buffet

Students, faculty and staff are invited to celebrate the holiday season this year at our annual Dulany Holiday Buffet on Monday, December 15th, from 11am to 1:30pm. This year’s buffet will feature several delicious entrees including herb-Dijon crusted beef, grilled teriyaki apricot chicken, portobello mushroom ratatouille, plus assorted appetizers, side dishes, salads and desserts, all for $8.05 per person. To reserve a table for the buffet, please call the Blugold Dining office at 836-5261. Pre-paid tickets may also be purchased in our Davies Center office. We hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

1. I would like to call false advertising on "the world's largest stocking."

2. When looking in "the worlds largest stocking" I noticed there were many childrens toys in it. Why would a college student want a bunch of stuffed animals and dolls? The majority of the dorm dwellers would simply contort the dolls in inappropriate poses in their rooms. Why can't we donate these toys to charity? Many children would be happy to receive those toys and need them more than a college student.

Christian Wise, GM - Blugold Dining said...

Thank you for your e-mail. The stocking and the toys in the stocking are donated by our vendors and the displayed is designed to be fun. Food services or the University do not pay for the display. The stocking display is not designed to get anyone to buy more or do something they did not intend to do otherwise, it is only there to spread a little cheer. Please take a toy and give it to a child you know. Thanks again for your e-mail.