November 20, 2009

New To-Go Program

Starting November 30th Blugold Dining will introduce a new environmentally friendly to-go program in the cafeterias. The new to-go program conforms to the goals of the strategic plan of the University to become more green and sustainable. The Riverview Café will only be offering reusable to-go containers; no disposable containers will be available. The Terrace will offer both the reusable and the disposable containers. The disposable drink cup and cutlery set will still be available with the to-go containers. There is no cost for the reusable to-go container, but a small refundable deposit is required. Just bring your used container back and we will give you a new one. If you are done with your reusable to-go container, bring it back and you will be refunded your deposit. All deposits will be refunded based on the method of deposit. If you used your Blugold Card to pay for the deposit that is how you will be refunded. If you lose or damage the container your deposit will be forfeited.

The hours of the to-go program will be changing as well. The Terrace will have the to-go option until close every night and Riverview Café will have the reusable to-go container until 9pm. There will be no late night options in the cafeterias. The to-go option will remain at one to-go a day in both cafeterias. Please feel free to contact the Blugold Dining Office at 836-5261 or email us at if you have any questions about the new to-go program.


Anonymous said...

Very cool idea! I like that we can compost the current containers, but they are kind of a waste just for one meal. This is a really good idea! Thanks for offering them!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the reusable containers, however, limiting the time we can get to-go containers is not something I signed up for. I do not like that the plan is being changed while we are paying for what we originally signed up for. We have already been limited to one to-go box a day, and now we have lost two days that we can use them. I signed up for the all access plan, and that is what I expected, all access. regardless of whether or not I am using a to-go box. Sometimes its easier for a student to grab a box and go back to their dorm and study rather than having to go to the cafeteria everytime they are hungry. Overall, very disappointed in the execution of the new meal plans.

Anonymous said...

I think the reusable containers are swell, but I agree with the person above. Why is it being changed this way? Why is there no sign posted in the cafeteria?

I think you should have the student body vote on when they want their to-go boxes. I know I get mine only on the weekends, because I don't want to make the trip twice when I could use that time for studying. I just feel this was a poor choice.

Christian Wise, GM - Blugold Dining said...

To All the Anonymous posters for this subject.

Thank you for your e-mails - we think its a good idea too. The reusable containers put the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire ahead of the pack.

The meal plans include an all access component, which only includes actual access to the dining centers. Access to the dining centers means eating food on the premises within the dining centers.

We added the "to go" option to aid students when their schedules were the busiest. The times we have adjusted the dining center "to go" program to represent coverage when students are the busiest. The "to go" program is actually a bonus to students.

To the person who said there were no signs, if you could be more specific, I would appreciate it. There are a number of signs in the Dining Centers regarding the new "to go" program and there are plenty of other signs as well. I am not sure what signage you are looking for to be posted.

Christian Wise, GM - Blugold Dining

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the times that we are limited to get to go boxes. After nine is usually the time when I would get a to-go box because of the fact that I had homework to do or didn't feel like sitting alone in the caf after nine. The weekends are usually busy for students as well. Not being able to get a to-go box on the weekends takes time out of the day where we would usually like to quick grab food and head back to our rooms. I do like the fact that we are recycling just the limiting of when we are able to get to-go boxes isn't a great change that was made.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely disappointed not only with the new to-go access in hours, but also in how UWEC dining is handling it. I would like to know why, if we are paying for the food, we are told where and when we can eat it. I was under the impression that we were allowed only one to-go per day because of the following: people "stealing" food by getting more to-gos than they would eat in one day, and the waste of disposable containers. The second problem (waste) is now taken care of.

With the new plan not offering transfer meals at Hilltop, I thought the to-go was a great idea. Until I realized that not only am I allowed to eat in my room while studying ONCE per day, but I'm not allowed to use to-go on weekends, when I used them most with transfer meals. I am wondering what the point is of cutting down hours of to-go. Why not after 9? Why not on weekends? Is it not the same food? Is washing a to-go container ultimately not the same as washing one or more plates?

The to-go, while nice, is not a privalege. We are paying for our food, period, regardless of where we eat it. Just like we did when we could take transfer meals from Hilltop.

There were plenty of signs around, but not many people willing to talk about it - and certainly no student input that I was aware of previous to this new to-go plan. (Maybe I missed it?) I did know of a few sessions held over the 12-1 or 1-2 hour, but many people have classes.

As I've said, I think it's a great idea to go green with the new containers, but why, when the disposable containers were available once a day, everyday, anytime, are we suddenly limiting students on when they can eat and where?!

Anonymous said...

The person above put it well. Students are here to study. We are hear to learn. Why should we be punished for wanting to take our food with us in order to study at the library or in our rooms? Weekends are when we want the to go plants the most. Also, considering how many people have taken the time to voice their opinion about this, why is nothing being done? This past weekend, I spent my entire weekend at the library. A person has to be able to eat and the only place open is the cafetria. Why should my learning be compromised because I can't take my food with me?

Anonymous said...

I agree, why has nothing been brought up about this? obviously enough students are complaining about the limit that this is an issue.

"The to-go, while nice, is not a privalege. We are paying for our food, period, regardless of where we eat it."

I do not believe that the to-go box is a extra bonus for students, because we are paying for it!! Who cares where we eat it? Food is food, a meal is a meal. If the containers are re-usable then there is NO reason to limit how much/when we can take out food. I can see 3 boxes per day, or even two, but limiting the time is ridiculous.

especially on the weekends, that is when I too, used the to-go boxes most. Now, I don't even bother going to the cafe, and I am definetly not using a meal plan next year, because this plan this year was executed so poorly and CHANGING while we are paying the same for it! insane.

I'm very disappointed nothing has been brought up about this, why not put it to student vote? since we are the ones funding it.