October 1, 2010

Give Us Your Opinion and Get FREE Fries!

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Today we are requesting your participation in an important online survey about your recent dining experiences on campus. In return for your participation, a coupon for a FREE order of French fries will be available for you to print out at the end of the survey.

Please complete the survey as soon as possible! It should take about 7-9 minutes at the most to complete and will only be available for a limited time.

To log-in now and participate in this online survey, please click on the link below and enter the following 5-digit Log-in ID to begin the survey.

Log-in ID: 84956

Alternatively, you may copy and paste the entire URL link into the address line of your Internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, etc.).

Should you exit the survey unexpectedly or accidentally close your internet browser, clicking on the link above will allow you to re-enter the survey and continue where you left off.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation and valuable feedback. We look forward to serving you!


Christian Wise, General Manager, Blugold Dining


Anonymous said...

I know I won't get free fries but that's okay. I would've given you my opinion whether I got free fries or not.

Anyway, I think the cafeteria has improved by a lot. My meal plan confuses me though. I'm on declining and I thought that with declining, you could get as many boxes to go a day as you want because unlike the other plans, you're actually paying for the meal (I'm not sure if I'm making sense here).

So I went in for some food in the cafeteria and the lady told me that I had already gotten a box to go today and I couldn't get anymore. So here are the problems with this...

I KNOW for sure I didn't get a box earlier because I had just woken up and the last time I ate in the cafeteria was probably a couple days ago. And then she said maybe someone stole my card and used it...but this doesn't make sense since my card was on my desk the entire morning. She said she'd let it go this time and give me a box (even though I don't think I did anything wrong because I'm pretty sure I didn't eat it the caf this morning).

Here's the second problem...

I chose to be on the declining meal plan because I just don't have time to sit down and eat. All of my classes except for one are across the bridge. So I don't see why I can't get my meals from the cafeteria to go whenever I want. I thought with declining, I could grab my food and eat it across the bridge. For example, I have a night class and I like taking food from the cafeteria and eating my dinner across the bridge. Could you just let me know what exactly I can do with my declining then?? Thanks!

Christian Wise, GM/Executive Chef - Blugold Dining said...

To Anonymous,

I agree, we may have a problem. I will look into it. Quite honestly, it would help if we had a chance to talk and I could get more specific from you to correct the issue. Please come by my office, Room 227, Davies Center or email me at wisec@uwec.edu.


Anonymous said...

I think I've figured a solution. If I need a box and I already got one earlier, I'll just grab something downstairs before heading to class. If I go to the caf and the lady says she'll give me a second box, I'll take it. If she doesn't and I have some time, I'll eat in the caf. If I'm running late, I'll go downstairs instead. I think I should be good to go... Thanks!

Christian Wise, GM said...

Once again, I appreciate you finding a solution for yourself, but you could definitely aid me and making sure others do not have similar problems. If you are on the Declining Balance, you should be able to purchase as many box lunches as you would like. There should be no limit attached to your meal plan. Please, if you just have a few moments, it would be great to speak with you.