May 9, 2011

Congratulations Susie!

The Student Development Council Recognition & Awards Celebration took place this morning and we’re proud to say one of our own received an award. Susie Deacon was surprised and honored to receive the Student Spirit Award.

Susie is the smiling face at the cashier stand who greets the university community as they enter the Terrace. She has been a part of the Blugold Dining team for over 37 years and is considered a “celebrity” among students.

This special recognition award was presented by Dylan Jambrek, President of the Student Senate, on behalf of the entire student body. He referred to Susie as an “unsung hero on our campus” and shared many stories about Susie that deomonstrated how she has a genuine connection with our students. Dylan went on to say that when alumni students come back to visit the campus, their priority isn’t to visit a past professor, but instead it’s to say hi to their favorite dining cashier—Susie.

The Blugold Dining management team is so proud of Susie and we would like to thank her for her hard work and dedication. Congratulations Susie, we are honored to have you as part our team!

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Beth Hellwig said...

Susie is amazing and our students know she cares about them. I am so glad she could be acknowledged for her important contributions to the campus community!

Dr. Beth Hellwig, Vice Chancellor