September 29, 2017

Two Words - FREE MONEY

Blugold Diner’s Club Bonus Day.

Say what?

Blugold Diner’s Club is tailored to students living in Chancellor’s Hall, Haymarket Landing, Mogenson Hall, Priory Hall and off campus. Of course, faculty and staff can be members of this meal plan too.

What does it entail? What is Blugold Diner’s Club?

If I had to describe Diner’s Club in one sentence, I would tell you,

“You choose what you pay for.”

Essentially, you are the one who chooses your deposit amount. With other meal plans, it is one set price.

With Diner’s Club, you have the power.

I’ll give you a scenario. Let’s say you’re a junior living in Chancellor’s Hall. You have a kitchen in your apartment-style dorm and enjoy cooking once in a while. Diner’s Club would be the most logical meal plan to purchase because you won’t be wanting to go to the cafeteria and walking all the way down the hill for every meal.

Here’s the big catch.

Two times per semester, all Blugold Diner’s Club members have the opportunity to deposit money into their account. What’s even better is that they can get 10 percent back of that deposit.

So, you’re saying if I deposited $300 I would get $30 back? Isn’t that just like getting free money?

You bet!

Once you make a deposit, you will receive a Blugold Dining gift card for 10 percent of the amount you deposited.

If that’s not enough reasons you should become a Blugold Diner’s Club member, you can read more HERE. Make sure to follow us on Instagram too for EXCLUSIVE OFFERS!

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